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Chorltonville is an estate of 262 houses, located in the suburb of Chorlton in south Manchester. It was built in 1910-1911 as part of the garden village movement, and was originally intended as affordable rental housing for skilled artisans. Today the estate is almost entirely owner-occupied, with most roads, footpaths and green areas owned by a Board of Trustees on behalf of all house owners. An Owners' Committee has a brief to manage the day-to-day maintenance of Chorltonville.

This private ownership has enabled us to retain much of the character of the original estate. Chorltonville is noted for the abundance of mature trees - over 350 in public areas plus many more in gardens. These, together with the grass verges, occasional greens and winding roads, give the estate its village appearance. Houses are mostly semi-detached, built in Arts & Crafts style but to many different designs, with detailing on the frontage to make each pair unique in the estate. Chorltonville is one of Manchester City Council's conservation areas.

Brookburn School Streets Updates

latest updates.
  • The following information has been circuated to Chorltonville residents:
    The current school streets trial at Brookburn school runs until 30th November. After that, the City Council will make a decision on what happens next ie whether it stops or whether it is made permanent.
    In making that decision, it will take into account any objections that are made or any evidence that is submitted.
    Chorltonville residents can submit their views or evidence via email to: EngCP8@manchester.gov.uk
    Views need to be submitted by 30th November 2023.
  • An online survey is also being conducted. To have your say, follow this link: https://bit.ly/Brookburn-School-Street
earlier information:
  • Brookburn PTA's Active Travel Team would like to invite you to a meeting to hear about the research happening as part of the School Streets trial. The meeting is on Monday, 17th July at 7pm in the Brookburn Primary Training Room, which is accessed via the cobbled lane. Please see the flyer (link below) for more information about the meeting.
  • Latest information from Brookburn School Streets is available here [View flyer]
  • There will be a community information session held on Monday, 23rd January at 7pm in the Brookburn Primary Training Room (accessed via the cobbled lane). At this meeting, organisers will explain how the resident exemption scheme will work, how traffic data will be collected and analysed, and how to become a volunteer marshal. Those residents wishing to attend the meeting virtually, can email activetravel@brookburnpta.com to receive a meeting link
  • Latest information letter from Brookburn School Streets is available here [View letter]
  • The Council consultation on the 7 school streets plans received more feedback about the Brookburn plan than any other. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive / supportive in nature, with only a very small number of objections. Consequently the planned road closure orders will be sought, and signage erected, probably week commencing 17/10. There is now a named local authority officer with specific responsibility for school streets issues, as there was broad acceptance that a degree of officialdom was needed in order to make the plans work.
  • The actual closure will be on Brookburn Road outside the school between the cobbled road and the junction with Claude Road. Diverting traffic around North Meade, The Meade, East Meade and South Drive will not be part of the school streets plan and there will be a “no through traffic” sign or similar put up around the junction at Claude Road and Reynard Rd – ie outside the Ville – as per the Council document.
  • The plan is to implement school streets closures every school day. The other 6 schools are going to implement 5 day a week closures throughout the trial period, however this has not been decided yet for Brookburn and the school would like to engage residents on whether to start slowly and gradually build up or go to 5 days a week from the start. The closures will also depend on volunteer availability. The trial period for the closures is currently scheduled until end of February.
  • A letter has been sent to residents of Chorltonville from the Highways Service (MCC), outlining the proposed experimental traffic restrictions at Brokkburn Primary School. [View letter]
  • Chorltonville Owners' have responded to the letter.[View response]

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2023 AGM minutes

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13 September 2022

Water pipes work

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