For Residents

Crime Prevention

Chorltonville experiences no more crime than any other area in South Manchester and a lot less than many. Needless to say when it happens it is very upsetting for those concerned. The best way to protect yourself and your property is to belong to a Home Watch scheme and take and act upon the advice given by the police and the Home Watch coordinator.

There are already 12 schemes in Chorltonville but there are still a large number of houses not covered. The present schemes cover: two parts of Claude Road, The Meade & North Meade, Brookburn Road, South Meade, Southgate, Meadow Bank, West Meade, East Meade, The Thorns and three sections of South Drive. If you don’t belong to a scheme and would like to start one or join one you can get information from Shirley Quinn, chair of the Home Watch Network, at, the local PCSO Craig Boswell at

If you need to contact the police:

  • 999 for a crime that is actually happening now;
  • 101 to report a crime that is no longer an emergency.

If you have suspicions or information either ring Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or contact our local neighbourhood PC Heather Clinton at