Management of the Estate

Gullies and Drains

The committee is responsible for the upkeep of 187 gullies. The cost for repairing gullies is unpredictable and cannot be ascertained until the extent of the blockage/damage is revealed during excavation. Only a few gullies can be targeted for major remedial work each year based on evidence at the time. Gullies are also cleaned on a rota basis. Below is a brief outline of the drainage legislation for Chorltonville:

Private house drains.

If a property has blocked house drains, and there is no effect on any other dwelling, the onus then lies with the property owner. The owner has options to either have the blockage cleared on a private basis, or involve the local authority who will serve legal notice on the said owner, and can carry out the works on their behalf, but will also recoup their costs for all relevant paper work, searches etc.

Sewers become the responsibility of United Utilities when more than one property derives benefit through a common outlet, usually within the front garden on Chorltonville houses. That is to say, should a blockage occur in the inspection chamber in the front garden, which affects both properties, the responsibility lies with United Utilities.

Public Sewers

Should the road sewers be faulty, i.e. blocked, surcharging, or emitting bad smells, the responsibility lies with the local waste water undertaker, in this case United Utilities.

Useful phone numbers:

United Utilities 0345 672 3723 (24 hrs)
Local authority  0161 234 5004 (Flood, drain or grid problem that is an immediate threat to property.)