Management of the Estate


The lighting installed when the estate was built was powered by gas before conversion to electricity many years ago. Over the years the original lampposts deteriorated badly and were replaced piecemeal by various different styles.

In 1986 the residents understood that the council might be able to upgrade Chorltonville lighting as part of their ongoing works. They started to save towards replacing the lampposts with something more in keeping with the nature of the estate than the standard council columns, by making larger than needed levy contributions. When it became apparent that this was not going to happen for some time, the money was put away for future use.

Between 1999 and 2001 the Committee and the councilÂ’'s street lighting department cooperated to carry out a replacement of the lampposts and lights with the Owners'Â’ Committee part-financing the scheme. In three phases the lamps were upgraded to high-pressure sodium, the columns were replaced wherever necessary to produce a uniform appearance and bent seven brackets and three other embellishments were purchased from the lighting fund to ornament the columns. The columns were then painted black, and finally gold Chorltonville stickers were purchased.

The lampposts and lights look smart and are unique to Chorltonville and are inspected regularly by members of the committee to remove graffiti, repaint scratched and damaged paintwork and replace torn and damaged stickers.

To report a fault with street lighting, call 0161 954 9000.