Management of the Estate

Our Brief

The Rules and Regulations of Chorltonville set out a detailed explanation of how the Owners' Committee operates.

There are currently 9 committee members and we meet on a monthly basis to discuss those issues we have a remit to administer on behalf of all owners and residents. These relate to the collection of levies and the use of this money to provide for the maintenance of roads, footpaths, verges, trees and open spaces. In addition the committee produce a newsletter to inform residents of what is happening around the estate.

Some committee members undertake specific roles, required either by the rules and regulations or to provide a lead in matters such as road and tree maintenance.


To retain the special character of Chorltonville requires significant effort. The Chorltonville Owners' Committee is a voluntary group of residents who are dedicated to the preservation of the estate. New committee members are always welcome; indeed there is always a need for new members to help out with the variety of tasks we undertake.

Anyone who lives on the estate would be a most welcome addition to the committee. Residents with a professional qualification in any of the matters we administer could help to reduce the amount we pay for such services. Any residents who work from home or are at home during the day could help to liaise with the variety of contractors we employ. If more people take an active role in the management of the estate this will reduce the burden of responsibility and at the same time increase the community spirit among the residents.

If you think you have some time to give please contact a committee member for more information about what we do.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The AGM is held each year ‘not later than the month of February’ as required by the rules and regulations.
It is usually held on a Sunday and at least 21 days before the meeting each household is sent a notice of the meeting with an Agenda, reports and the minutes of the previous AGM. The rules and regulations set out in detail what happens at the the AGM.

A copy of previous AGM agenda, reports and minutes can be viewed on the AGM page.