Management of the Estate


The Owners' Committee has three channels of communication with residents and the wider community:

  • This web site, containing largely stable information about Chorltonville. It is intended primarily to advise residents of their rights and responsibilities, to advise potential buyers about the legal aspects of moving into the estate, and as a general resource for anyone interested in the area.
  • A newsletter, distributed to residents. This is now provided as a digital document, by email and on the newsletter section of this website. It is also displayed in the lecturn on The Meade.
  • Personal contact on specific issues. You can find the contact details for the committee members at the end of the latest newsletter as well as on the Committee page of this website.

If you have information you would like to put in either the newsletter or web site, please contact any committee member. Please indicate any personal details which you do not want us to print or put online.