Management of the Estate

The Verges

The grass verges along all Chorltonville's roads are a major component of its peaceful and attractive appearance.  The committee ensures that they look their best at all times by:

  • A regular programme of mowing in summer
  • Clearance of leaves in autumn
  • Repair of damage
  • Arranging for a weekly litter collection

We are currently finding that some damage is being caused by jackdaws, digging up the top layer of verges for leatherjackets (larvae of daddy-long-legs).  However, by far the greatest damage, in extent and cost of repair, is caused by vehicles running over verges and causing rutting.  This can be several inches wide and deep, and can cost the equivalent of two houses' annual levy to repair.  The verge damage page gives advice on how we can counter rutting and keep costs down for everybody.

The total area of verge in Chorltonville has dropped by 10% since the estate was built, and it is necessary to preserve the remainder to assure the unique nature of Chorltonville.  All verges are owned in common by all Chorltonville homeowners, and residents are not permitted to make alterations to specific sections. The committee will take action to restore any unauthorised changes, and will pass the charge for restoration to the residents concerned.

Ball games are not allowed on the two central grass areas of The Meade and The Rotunda.  This is not just to protect the grass from wear, but also for safety reasons.  Children playing football on The Meade can and do chase balls out into the road, occasionally in front of moving cars.  Please protect your children by encouraging them to play ball in safer areas.