Chorltonville Estate

Chorltonville's Timeline

1910 Extract from the Manchester City News in 1910 about the half-built garden village.

1912 Chorltonville was opened on 7th October 1911. This is the original brochure printed in 1912 to promote the garden village.

1939 Following the outbreak of war, the Committee received a letter in October 1939 from the local Air Raid Warden, Mr Noel Stroud. The warden asked that, for the safety of Meade residents, a number of trenches should be dug on the Meade as shelters. The Committee had no objection but referred Mr Stroud back to the Meade residents themselves as owners of the land. They also approved a motion for the Secretary to visit the City Surveyor to ask what provisions were being taken by Manchester Corporation to protect residents in an air raid. The November minutes record that the meeting did take place, but that the Corporation did not feel that a shelter on the Meade was justified – it was felt that “This was a matter for every Owner to take what action he felt best for the protection of his home and family”. We have no information about whether the trenches were ever dug.

1977 Chorltonville, along with the rest of the country, celebrated the Queen's Silver Jubilee.
The photographic account of the events has been collated in a video that gives an insight into the 'ville 40-odd years ago. Maybe there is someone you recognise? [view video]